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Putting the ketogenic diet to the day to day test   I first learned about keto by writing and studying about diabetes. I knew that diabetes could be controlled by the elimination of carbohydrates, but the concept of ketosis was still a little blurry at that time. Slowly I’ve begun to hear more about it. I’m not diabetic […] Read More

Time is an Illusion we Build our Lives Around

Time is also the space we find Between our Memories   T ime is a fascinating idea, but not a matter I use exact science to decipher. I just use fuzzy logic and allow imagination to answer my questions, sorry Einstein, Hawking but mathematical equations hardly matter to me at this point in time. I favor my ingenuous insights in […] Read More

Damiana can Help with Diabetes and Sex Life at the Same Time

Combine the useful with the pleasurable.  Damiana: the anti diabetic Aphrodisiac   D amiana has a long history of herbal medicinal use in Mexico, dating back to Aztecs and Mayans. Damiana is an aphrodisiac that boost sexual energy and at the same time lowers blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. This is a win win […] Read More

7 Known Curative Properties of Coriander oil for Diabetes and Other Health Problems

Coriander oil is a powerful natural medicine every household should have   About Coriander Coriander is also known as cilantro, the popular spice. The oil from the seeds is a powerful panacea. Even though, the word panacea has a bad connotation these days; panakeia was a Greek goddess possessing healing powers for all diseases. The goddess […] Read More