Damiana can Help with Diabetes and Sex Life at the Same Time

Combine the useful with the pleasurable.  Damiana: the anti diabetic Aphrodisiac   D amiana has a long history of herbal medicinal use in Mexico, dating back to Aztecs and Mayans. Damiana is an aphrodisiac that boost sexual energy and at the same time lowers blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. This is a win win […] Read More

7 Known Curative Properties of Coriander oil for Diabetes and Other Health Problems

Coriander oil is a powerful natural medicine every household should have   About Coriander Coriander is also known as cilantro, the popular spice. The oil from the seeds is a powerful panacea. Even though, the word panacea has a bad connotation these days; panakeia was a Greek goddess possessing healing powers for all diseases. The goddess […] Read More

10 Amazing Benefits of Cluster Fig Tree for Diabetes and Other Health Problems

A powerful natural alternative to metformin or lipitor when treating diabetes Cluster Fig Trees are commonly known and used in India, Bangladesh, Australia, Taiwan, Hainan and many parts of Asia. Here’s a few common names: United States Cluster Fig Tree India Gular tree South India Athi tree In Sanskript Udumbara This is not a well known plant […] Read More

Take Care of your Diabetes Permanently by Simply Eating a Delicious Fat Rich Diet

Conventional treatment for diabetes produce no sustaining results, only treat the symptoms. But the ideal treatment is within your reach   UNDERSTAND TYPE II DIABETES   Diabetes can be more than simply managed. If you’re looking for answers and results, you’ve found the right page. The information you’ll find here is simple, science based, free of charge and produce results […] Read More

Artemisia – an Intensely Bitter Herb with Fantastic Gut Health, and Anti Diabetic Properties

Artemisia activates the body’s bitter receptors and digestive reflexes promoting long term gut health   Artemisia lowers blood sugar by activating the body’s own natural responses. Several studies have shown encouraging results – a significant blood glucose lowering noted 2 to 4 hours after administration of artemisia extracts. Results improved with successive doses. Artemisia not only lowers blood sugar, […] Read More

Unstable blood sugar and oral health

Unstable blood sugar and oral health: How diabetes causes mayhem in the mouth   I think many people would agree with me when I say a healthy smile is something sought-after and admired. But it isn’t this way simply for superficial reasons, of course! Keeping up with good oral care helps prevent serious problems that […] Read More

Camel’s Foot Tree for Diabetes

About this plant   Phanera variegata is also called Bauhinia veriagata. A distinctive characteristic of the bauhinia are its purple colored or lilac flowers. Another close relative which also contain medicinal properties is Pata de Vaca or bauhinia forficata that looks very similar to phanera but produces white flowers. Both plants have anti diabetic properties and both are from the Fabaceae family. […] Read More

Amla is a Precious Gift From Nature to Humanity

Amla (Indian goosebery) can help with diabetes and many other diseases   About this plant Amla is a small to medium size tree reaching 8 – 10 m in height. The trunk is crooked with spreading branches. Leaves are oval shaped and short, the flowers are greenish yellow. The fruits are almost perfect spheres of about […] Read More

Agrimony Manages Diabetes by Repairing Liver Function and Protecting Nerves

Learn about the long term benefits of agrimony for diabetes   Latin name: Agrimonia eupatoria Other names: Common Agrimony, Church Steeples, Cockeburr, Sticklewort, Philanthropos, hemp agrimony, common Dutch agrimony, water agrimony, bastard hemp, Ackerkraut, Agrimonia, funffing, funffingerkraut, herbe d’aigremoine, herbe de saint-guillaume, liverwort, longyacao, odermenning, potentilla, roadside rosaceae, sticklewort, woodland groovebur. Overview T his plant was […] Read More

How Can you Tell if you’re Being a Victim of Diabetes Scam

The biggest scams however might not be from your average small time crook   S cams are born out of the idea you can get something from nothing. So free money, free love, and diseases miracle cures are the typical word of the day. Diabetes is a perfect condition for scammers to thrive because its […] Read More

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