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Studies Show Patient’s Charting, more Important than Patient Care

The future of nursing is here, and its all about documentation – welcome to hypercharting   There is a lot of talk about nurses spending too much time documenting and charting. The chief complaint is that nurses are spending more time charting than with patients. However there is no evidence indicating that charting and documentation […] Read More

My 9 Favorite Most Annoying Things in the World

Irritation can be a good source of learning   We live in a world of stress. Nothing goes as planned, and once we get out of our cozy home nest, everything is annoying. Curved balls come at us from every direction. On the street, at work and depending on our mood, just about anything can […] Read More

New App to Make an Easy Task Reading Doctor’s Orders – Meet the iGotit

Nurses may never read a doctor’s order again   Nurses are always in a hurry and don’t have time to clarify hard to read doctor’s orders. But now there’s an app for that. Meet iGotit, the first scanning auto translator with ALT (adaptive learning technology) from Valley Tech Medical. You can install iGotit on iphones and Android […] Read More