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Can you Become Type II Diabetic by Eating too Much Sugar?

Sugar and diabetes have more associations than not   H ow much sugar can you consume if you have diabetes? A common question, but not so easy to be answered. We cannot say that sugar is responsible for causing diabetes. But we can surely say, sugar is more involved with diabetes then many would like […] Read More

How to Control High Blood Sugar Naturally

Naturally control your blood sugar, and chances are you’ll reverse diabetes   Blood sugar overview H ow high is too high? Normal blood sugar should be at 100 mg/dl, but blood sugar fluctuates throughout the day and depending on your baseline there are different goals for different people. You can set your own “normal” baseline. If your blood sugar […] Read More

Chili Peppers for Diabetes – the Hot Flames That Will Burn up Your High Sugar

Chili Peppers Offer a Wide Range of Medicinal Properties   C hili peppers: Latin name Capsicum annuum, common names are chilli pepper, bell pepper, paprika, cayenne, jalapenos, chitlepin, and Christmas pepper. It is a native plant of Central and South America. They belongs to the nightshade family, Solanaceae. Chili peppers has many variations. Red peppers are part of a group […] Read More

6 Great Health Benefits of Black Seeds Oil for Diabetes and Other Health Problems

Black seed oil is a powerful natural medicine with no side effects   Nigella sativa, or black seeds is a treasure herb from the ancient world. Black Seeds oil have a rich history of folk medicine and is used in various systems of medicines. It has been used in the Middle East, dating back from ancient Egypt. In Islamic literature, it is mentioned as one of […] Read More

Stop Counting Calories and Start Paying Attention to Your Insulin Levels

It is impossible to count calories effectively, however it continues to be the standard for diabetes control   Diabetes might be one of the worst mishandled public health treats in recent history. Standard medical practice is reluctant to change diabetes management. The main management treatment is still carbohydrate or calorie count. But there is a […] Read More

Start Managing Diabetes Today by Using a Simple Concept

Start managing diabetes today by using a simple concept: how to become a fat burner O ne misunderstood aspect of diabetes and its management – is how our bodies produces and uses energy we make from foods. Most of our attention is dedicated to lower sugar levels. But how we generate energy from foods can directly impact […] Read More

Every Nurse Should Fall in Love with Squats and Dead-Lifts

Why are these exercises so good for everyone – and specially nurses   A patient is sliding down his wheelchair. A heavy guy, not overweight but just a big guy. No leg strength so he was on his way down to the floor. Another nurse and I tried to prevent a fall. If a patient is […] Read More

Best way to lose weight

The best way to lose weight is to let your body do the work   The best way to lose weight is to enable your own fat burning mechanism. Our bodies can produce energy in two different ways: by converting it from fat or from carbohydrates. Nothing new here, but there are some important details on how […] Read More

Exercise, eat, relax, and sleep while boosting the immune system

Immune system  boost strategies  diet and tips   T here is a lot of talk about immune system boosting but this system is more complex then it appears. The supplement industry offers immune booster but the immune system is more complex than that and it is after all – a system. Unfortunately our medical establishment does not […] Read More

Extreme Weight Loss

Extreme Weight Loss: the show exposed something seldom talked about I just happened to turn on the TV and the ABC “Extreme Weight Loss” show was on, I just kept watching because something grabbed my attention. There was this juicy drama there, a struggle and a obesity issue that I find so important. So many people suffer from […] Read More