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9 Great Benefits of Writing and Keeping a Blog

A blog is a lifetime companion. Here’s is what you need to know to get started   Have you ever thought about starting a blog? If you did or did not, please read this page. It brings me joy, and I like to share this joy with you. Keeping a blog can be a lot of […] Read More

The secret of the waves of Cabo Frio

Ocean waves are the breath of the sea   W hen I was young my most significant and memorable times were at the beach house my family had in Cabo Frio. We went there almost every weekend, most summers and school vacations. I’m so grateful to have learned about the sea life and all its mysteries – it changed […] Read More

Anger is Just a Bunch of Empty Emotions Yet it Can Ruin Your Life…if you let

If you look deep into your emotions, you’ll see they are made of nothing   E very time you meet someone new, there’s an opportunity to learn something. I particularly like to notice how we react differently to different people. We talk to people we know and people we don’t, and in every person there is a […] Read More

Why Doctors Never Prescribe Food as a form of Medication?

Food as medicine is poorly understood by your average doctor   Even though we eat every day and do it several times a day; many people don’t pay attention to how food can seriously alter physiology and health. Food might be the most significant determinant for how healthy or how sick you’ll be in the future. Doctors […] Read More

Basic Sanity – How to Keep it all Together in a Crazy World

Basic sanity is a concept we can simply apply to our lives anytime anywhere   L ife is stressful and at times we need all the help we can get. We work hard in different fronts, and sometimes feel we’re not getting anywhere. Fortunately there are techniques that can help dissolve that felling of defeat. Welcome […] Read More